December 16, 2013

The 12 Days of Xander - Day 4

Day four of Mistress N's 12 Days of Xander countdown has arrived. Let's see what the Mistress has in store, shall we?

Fangirl Loving

Social media is truly a blessing to fans of anyone in the entertainment industry - especially Twitter. There's so many actors, musicians, sports players, etc. that have accounts and use them on a regular basis. Of course a lot of these people are so hugely popular (i.e. Lady Gaga and her 5488095438509485843 followers) that they definitely don't read every tweet, let alone reply to them regularly.

Xander has quite a few followers - in excess of 14K these days. And, from the moment I first started following him, he's always been good about showing appreciation to his fans on his Twitter and Vine accounts. He not only reads tweets (though I'm sure he doesn't have time to read them all either), but replies to them actively, and often engages in conversation with his fans. He shares bits and pieces of himself with his fans through Vine videos and the various photos he posts. And he's even been kind enough to follow some of the fans back, which is a very rare thing for some of these celebs to do.

Perhaps my favorite part of his fangirl loving was the vine he posted that contained items from the midsummer care package Mistress S and I sent to him ...

The appreciation Xander shows his fans is just one of the man amazing things about him. Not only is he an incredible performer, but he's a pretty awesome guy in general. And anyone who can achieve his level of success without allowing his head to get so big he can't make it through a door ... Well, yeah. That kind of person is one I can get behind and show support for. :)

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