November 8, 2013

Trick or Treat?

Trick or Treat?  SMH with Xander it’s always a treat to see him do his tricks!

Just a short post today as I work on more reviews for you fans!  When deciding what I wanted to write about it didn’t take long when I saw the latest “in the wild” pics of Xander that popped up!  Thanks to Michael Vegas AKA the Soul Thief and a few other candids that I found in my timeline…. I found Xander (after the giant Costco candy bars had been given out) at a Halloween party with many of our talented favorites (including our sexy beast Seth Gamble)!  Typical Xander costume is involved and it totally suits our bad boy!  Just wonder how many candy bars it took to bribe it off the little girl who had gone to the door in her Unicorn costume…. But then again Xander is a charter member I am told of the Official Unicorn Army!  Enjoy!!!

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