November 18, 2013



25, a big milestone birthday, is something to celebrate, but when you are Xander Corvus there has to be something special, because the man knows how to celebrate every day.

Us Xealots have had a lot of fun following the antics and performances of the man this year, and posting a few of our favorite screen caps throughout his career is what we would like to share with our followers and fellow fans of the man himself! 

Almost Heaven was one of Xander's first and one of our faves still.

And then there was this scene. It still gets to me. 
My Mother's Best Friend 4 was and is a brilliant performance that we soon came to expect from this man.

A series of must watch movies followed, including classic favorites from the Romance Series like Lost and Found, Dear Abby, and With this Ring. But then there was this little role that Xander was born for, and I hope you have all heard about it ...


The accolades Xander received from everyone on set of the original SpidermanXXX are still talked about today. The man stayed upside down for over a half hour, suspended by a wire to get one hell of a BJ. Talk about blood going to your head! 

SpidermanXXX and the rest of the series of superhero films are fantastic! And the best part is he continues to make appearances - very entertaining appearances - throughout the series! And not only does he perform in typical Xander excellence, but his humor is allowed to show through the mask. 

More gonzo scenes than I can count, and even more romantic comedies shake up his talented resume of acting credits. But with Spiderman came more parodies, and the calls from producers and production companies to secure Xander for pars he would be perfect for increased. 

Men in Black: A Hardcore Parody is hilarious, and Xander's scene with Alektra Blue is very memorable and I was very jealous of Alektra having this man tied up for her own pleasure. 

And then there was Rumplestiltskin, or Rumpie as I call him, from the movie The Craving II. Xander put his own unequivocal stamp on the role. More and more roles followed, but a couple of my favorites have to be his multiple roles in Dirty Little Secrets and John in BFFs (the most laugh out loud part he has played).

And then there was this little role as a heart sick vampire that stole my heart...

Immoral Love is truly going to be one of my favorites forever. 

More and more scenes and reprisals of the Spidey role continue to keep Xander a busy boy, but it's his features that I adore and I can't get enough of, and thankfully this man delivers. 

To this end, one movie stood out this year for me above others. Yes, his characters in movies like Underworld, Harvest Moon, and Bitter Sweet were amazing, but one stood out above the others. 


(Sorry, my cat decided to add his own comments. Think they are appropriate, so leaving them, haha.)

TOE, or Temptation of Eve, was Xander at his best. His portrayal of Brandon tore me up, and I applaud Jacky St. James for putting Xander in this role to show his brilliance as an actor. It was beyond amazing. 

With that said, there are many more roles that are going to make me feel this way. I have only glossed over some of my favorites. There are lots more, and I am in awe at how this man is able to pull off so many spectacular performances while juggling his favorite way of entertaining - his music. 

The lead singer for Circle of Violence absolutely kills onstage, and although his performances are too far for me to catch live, I am hoping to find a way to get to a show someday soon. It's on the bucket list as is the man himself - LOL! 

I hope you enjoy my look at some of Xander's more memorable characters in this birthday post. Please check them out if you haven't already! And once again...


Hope you spend it with friends who love you and a bottle - or three - of Jäger by your side! 

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