October 23, 2013

Review: Prom Night Virgins

Prom Night Virgins Review...

... or twerking your way into losing your virginity!

The pact had been made.  The dresses had been bought.  The men had been chosen.  The limos were on the way.  Everything was ready for 5 virgins who had kept a hold of their virginity all through high school to rid themselves of that little bit of themselves to five very virile males all at the same time. But before things get really hot and heavy, what’s a prom without a corsage, a little booze and some dancing… or twerking as it were.

Cali, Kennedy and Elaina jump into the limo along with their sexy dates James, Xander and Brad, and soon show the boys that they mean business when they down a few glasses of champagne after showing off their twerking skills then using their swallowing skills to use with some Blow J’s.  With the party obviously starting out fast and furious in the limo, the guys get a taste of what their dates have planned for them later that night.

Belle Noire and Tyler Nixon are both dressed to the nines and thanks to Tyler’s dad’s credit card the suite he got them was going to be put to good use, but not before Belle proves that she is the best twerker in the school, but whatever dance Tyler does or is doing tops it all.  Taking her virginity we barely see Tyler’s spectacular surfer body let alone his adorable face, but he makes sure Belle is satisfied and her virginity is taken in several positions giving her everything she demands including a facial to end the night.

Back at Cali’s place the ‘gang’ discusses who won prom queen before separating to take care of their own personal needs.  Brad and Elaina find a room and soon she drops the dress and Brad takes command of her body as he fulfills her fantasy of a prom night deflowering literally for them as she is the only one who strips her wrist of the pretty corsage her guy had gotten her.  Thanking him for making her night so special they both find the release they were looking for….Elaina the release from her virginity and Brad from finally getting a piece of what he had been waiting for so patiently.

Xander is ready to get into Kennedys tight white panties until she floors him with the revelation she is a virgin. “You fuck after prom that’s what you do!” Xander responds and he is ready to run, but his shock soon turns to a declaration of love when she tells him she doesn’t want a hearts and flowers relationship with him or even to date him. She just wants him to take her virginity and make it good as she knows he can with all his experience.  “Fuck me good and make me remember this prom night forever.”  As usual Xander doesn’t disappoint when he makes full use of that bed screwing her every which way including trapping her legs in those little panties and holding her captive while he slams himself into her wetness and makes her come several times before giving in to his own satisfaction and her demand for his come.  Oh, and keeping the dress partially on and the corsage as well made for some fucking smoking hawt visuals. 

James is a little more forceful with Cali as he prepares her to take her virginity.  The slaps on her thighs, ass and tits giving him a little more edge than some of the others.  Which was damn sexy hot!

OK I have to say… I love how Smash chooses my favorite male talents when they cast their pictures.  They are the best so why not right?  Then why do we get so much POV shots or cuts with their heads cut off?  I may be able to identify certain players in the game without seeing their faces but a lot …and I mean a hell of a lot of female fans are the ones who are buying these days, and we want to see our guys faces, we want to hear him talk nasty to her, kiss her, we want more than just a few grunts or fuck yeahs from the talented males in the scene.  This movie cast 5 talented males with recognizable names and faces and although their female counterpoints were not ‘virgins’ in the truest sense of the word, they all are pretty new to the industry.  This was pure genius by the casting director so why not run with it instead of only focusing on the girls, show the connection that they make with their on screen partner. The more of a connection I see the better chance of the female fans wanting to watch the girls again when they are not with their favorite guy thus widening the fan base for these talented newbies.  Sorry this wasn’t meant to be a rant against Smash and to be honest with the exception of Tyler and Belle’s scene there is a fair bit more “boy shots” than I have seen in the past….it’s more like voicing my opinion for the future pictures and to those studios who are hold outs to the old school opinions of who watches this movie.

In actuality, though, I really loved the movie.  It had some very funny scenes especially the antics in the limo and Xander acting all pervy wanting to do naughty things with Cali’s mom.  James portrayed the staid calm one of the group during the initial introductions and even in the limo, but we saw his dominant side (in moderation) when he claimed his long awaited prize on the living room couch. Tyler’s dancing made me laugh out loud and wonder if that was just him pretending to surf in the hotel room not actually an attempt at dancing (we can only hope), Brad was the sweet gentle lover, and Alec’s face and reaction when his wife told him what he needed to do was priceless.  The girls were very typical “teens” excited about the prom and their respective dates and their phone conversations that started the movie were actually quite funny making me think back whether I was the same way on my prom night….nope sorry, I didn’t plan to lose my virginity that night although if my prom date was Xander all bets would have been off and the dress would not have survived the limo.  I just stayed out all night drinking in the bar I had been hanging out in for a year….on the night I actually turned of age to be in said bar (yay what a way to celebrate turning 19!)…yeah I was quite the rebel LOL. 

One thing I do have a little problem with in many of the films is the little things behind the scene and this one had one little glitch that was a bit annoying….next time you film a movie “at night” use some black out screen over the windows so we don’t see the sun shining through! LOL! With that said I will finish with an overall comment.  As much as it seems like I did not enjoy certain aspects of this film, I truly was very happy with it and it was a very bright spot in my day.  I am female, I watch porn, and I watch for my favorite males and this one had three of my faves. I am not quiet when I say that I want the industry to change as a whole, but I know it’s not going to come over night (well maybe if they start buying some black out screen J).  With the studios producing more features, however, instead of just “scenes” it gives “my guys” a bigger canvas to showcase their talents even if when it comes down to it they are still shot “incognito” for the sex itself and I am very happy to support them with purchases and my voice on social media to get the word out.  Great job guys!

Belle Noire and Tyler Nixon
Elaina Raye and Brad Remington
Kennedy Leigh and Xander Corvus
Cali Carter and James Deen
Jasmine Gomez and Alec Knight
Featuring Alana Evans, Angela D’Angelo, Vince Vega
Jim Powers Director

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