October 24, 2013

Review: Lost and Found

I was lost until I found Xander: A review of Lost and Found, a New Sensations picture! 

Meet Boz...

Yeah isn’t he cute?  Adorable even.  And I am so jealous of him.  Cuddled up in Xander’s arms!

David has had a hard time as of late.  He wants a committed relationship but all he can come up with are one night stands that won’t even stay the night.

WTF is wrong with these women…. Seriously they must have a problem in the cranium.  When his roommates push him towards the cute new neighbor he gets all tongue tied, and despite his attraction to her he is really shy when it comes to meeting someone when he isn’t in a dive bar and half loaded.  David dancing out of the vehicle (Yes….X drove into the laneway in the shot…time to check for ID, frisk the subject and put him in cuffs for the night…..muhahaha) it is sooooo sexy… OMG sooooooo sexy…. I am distracted and very aroused as he makes love to her and is upset when she forgets his name and wants to leave…. I am totally flabbergasted as to what any woman who would happily run from that mans bed.  Fuck me!  Literally please LOL. 

Jen isn’t really into it when her friend Meg, along with her boyfriend Roger, drag her out of her new place to go shopping.  Wanting just to hang with Boz and unpack her new life after leaving her loser ex behind she reluctantly heads out the door, but not before Boz lets himself out too.  Her frantic search for her beloved companion brings her back into David’s path and his sweet smile and offer to help is something she cannot refuse.  Even when her friend pops back in with some very wacky and unique posters to help in the search, Jen is beyond upset and thankful for the help David offered her. 

After lamenting his lady troubles to his slacker roomie and his girlfriend, David is nudged into getting off the couch to go get the paper.   David not only gets the news, but meets Boz and his owner and is immediately smitten with both… but not enough to do much more than stumble over his own name before retreating into the house.  Taking a break he notices something unusual in his back yard.  Little Boz is there, but without his leash and his sexy owner.  When his Steve suggests that he hide Boz for a few days to gain the trust of the new neighbor he vehemently refutes the idea as anything but pure crazy, but when she shows up frantic and upset he offers to help her look for the missing pup instead of  coming clean.

The montages of the two as they continue their search is beyond romantic as David continues to keep his little secret hidden from the woman he is quickly falling for.  The little touches, the side glances and the budding physical connection all combining to pull the viewer into their intimate relationship and wrap them up further into their story.

The injection of humor in various spots of the make this movie the total package.  Meg is quirky and eccentric and Roger is a solid straight man to her high strung character.

Vicky and Steve steal almost every scene even though they don’t move off the couch.  Both couples bring an infusion of hilarity to the movie that makes it the perfect rom-com movie to cuddle with your own partner with.  

When David has had enough and is ready to come clean, Boz makes a sudden appearance and everything is thrown into chaos.  With their trust broken David heads back to his old stomping ground and comes home yet again dancing out of the car, but with a different passenger in the front seat.   Jen has been hurt before and thought David was different…. Will a visitor to her door change her mind, and will she be able to forgive the man that not only stole her dog but stole her heart along the way?

I loved this romantic feature from the very first scene.  Xander dancing out of the car (yes…. I will say it again that he was driving or there was some spectacular editing) just made me swoon!!!  My favorite word to describe what I feel like when I watch Xander in almost everything is "Swoon," and this part was at the top of the pile! Taking the mystery woman (Zoe Voss) into his room and making her a very fulfilled woman was perfect, but the devastation when she admits not knowing his name in the end and rushing out the door showed how capable of an actor Xander is.

The connection that he shares on the screen with Allie Haze made this movie a perfect fantasy.  Time and time again I wished his little smirks and smiles were for me not her.  (OK I know that goes for so many of you all but dayum it is soooooo true!)

I adore Lexi Belle and her portrayal of the excentric artist Meg was over the top funny but the two that barely left the couch were laugh out loud hilarious!  Chad Alva and Kimberly Kane deadpanning their lines while playing video games made me shake my head but when they made love then picked up the controllers like nothing had happened I totally lost it! 

What made it even better was Xander’s character being such a non-gamer which is so far from the truth!  You can see it in his eyes he wants to rip that controller out of Chad’s hands and take over. Anyone not thinking Xander isn’t an amazing actor that scene just proves that he deserves the top acting awards!  If you haven’t had the chance to watch this film you need to correct that problem right now!  As one of my favorite Xander films I suggest this movie to anyone and everyone and that includes our fans dropping in at Xander’s Xealots!

Scene 1
Zoe Voss and Xander Corvus

Scene 2
Lexi Belle and Tony DeSergio

Scene 3
Kimberly Kane and Chad Alva

Scene 4
Allie Haze and Xander Corvus

Directed by Eddie Powell
Written by Mona Sunoy

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