October 29, 2013

Review: Dear Abby

Dear Abby ... I am totally in love with New Sensations' Romance Series!

After asking for advice how to engage her workaholic hubby back into a great sexual relationship, Ash initiates morning sex in only a tiny teal bra and panties and a string of pearls.  Taking the hint, Xander quickly follows her into the bedroom and, in a sensual delight, holds hands while he makes love to his wife.  Covering his eyes with his tank she sucks him after he has done his magic on her. Stripped of their clothing they continue their indulgences, with him entering her from behind as she lies on her stomach on the bed, slowly stopping to kiss and show their love for each other. When Ash takes control she ties his hands together with the pearls and rides her man as he smiles up at her before pulling her down to increase the pace and the intensity of their connection. Stuffing her panties in his mouth she proves that he is hers to do as she pleases. Gawds damnit I need a pause button right now.  When he takes control by putting the panties in her mouth you can see that she is equally happy to be controlled by him. They are equals, both demanding and giving each other every ounce of passion and love they share with each other.

Mark is hot for the secretary and Jack isn’t going to give in and take him along with him to the party. Jack is a cynic, but he writes an advice to the lovelorn column.  He helps Ash and Xander but his own love life is not as good.  Living in the same house as his ex isn’t helping any, and when Enrique shows up to pick up his date Jack tries to show him the door and lets Abby know that he doesn’t want her to date this loser who could be a serial killer. Sharing the house they bought together even after they broke up has caused problems for the last time, and if Jack won’t sell out then Abby is going to.  Taking advantage of Abby’s distraction her friend snags her date for some fun of her own.  In an aggressive attack on her friend's date, Rachel (Alyssa) gives him access to a sure thing and slams on him just as hard as he does her in a frantic pairing that was enticing and arousing at the same time. 

Mark (Michael) makes me laugh… his quirky attempt at the seduction of Kim is hilarious when he spills wine down his shirt then bolts when she leaves.  Taking off his shirt was a bad idea, and Jack tells him but it allows him to show another side of himself.  Mark keeps Kim on her toes, but when he walks in wearing her haters tee stretched across his chest the next day after the party she cannot wait for him any longer. (Absolutely adorkable!) Taking him into her office she gets what she had been waiting for and more.  Kim’s tiny body takes everything that Mark can give her and they both are joyous that they have finally come together after skating around each other for so long.

Abby is upset when she finds her date in bed with her friend, but opens up to Jack when they got home letting him know she is done dating assholes, including him in that list of mistakes.  After the soul baring convo the night before Jack makes a decision of his own.  When Jack gives in and sets out to give Abby everything she wanted, the house and him gone, he is sad and heartbroken, but when she asks for one more thing….. he is more than ready to give it to her too.  Moving back in. Truly.  Into her life, into her bed, and into her heart.  They quickly move their passionate kiss to the bedroom and find the solace and acceptance in each other’s arms as they rekindle the love they had pushed away for so long.  The 69 is totally enthralling as they pleasure each other then come together in a very passionate and sensual connection. 

Dear Abby brought four scenes together that all bring the heat but use different ways to deliver. Xander and Ash are passionate and sensual.  Alyssa and Ramon are hard and demanding.  Zoe and Michael are cute and lusty. And Natasha and Giovanni are a combination of all the other three combined. I loved how Jacky veered from the typical and made Jack the columnist who not only has a bad outlook on life, but also on love and especially his own love life itself.  Hiding from his own feelings, he almost lets the one thing that gives him purpose in his life get away.  Another winner, I have never been disappointed by any of the New Sensations Romance Series features and with the stellar people behind production there I have no doubt in any offering from them. 

Thank you to Ms. Jacky St. James for the photos and for MXS movie network for carrying this favorite on late night television for everyone to enjoy!

Written by Jacky St. James
Directed by Eddie Powell

Ash Hollywood and Xander Corvus
Alyssa Branch and Ramon Nomar
Zoe Voss and Michael Vegas
Natasha Nice and Giovanni Francesco

Credited Cast
Natasha Nice: Abby
Giovanni Francesco: Jack
Zoe Voss: Kim
Michael Vegas: Mark
Alyssa Branch: Rachel
Ramon Nomar: Enrique
Jayden Cole: Caitlin
Ash Hollywood: Wife
Xander Corvus: Husband

Part of the New Sensations Romance Series

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