October 13, 2013

Circle of Violence starts off "WORLD TOUR"

They came. They slayed. They are ready for more! Are you?

October 10 8:50 pm PST at The Terrace in Pasadena California….. remember it.  It might come up in a future game of trivia….when did the band who took over the kingdom of metal first officially hit the stage…. Yeah, if you can store this little piece of information in your head not only will you win the game, but if you made it out to Thursday's or one of the other concerts, you will be a part of history itself.  I wish I had been there.  It’s more than a little bit of travel for me….well that is approximately 38 hours 45 min….3,815.24 KMs and estimated fuel cost of $523.87 one way.

With that said I sadly will not be getting to any concerts until they swing on a loop up Detroit way. Maybe getting Xander to re-visit some of the places his old bands played at in the day…. Yep, at one point that boy was within a couple hours of me down in Windsor.  Singing in some very different bands from what was on stage the other night.

Go Canada!!

So I will keep this post short…. And say I am totally one of the biggest supporters of these guys and someday some way I will see them in person.  But for now enjoy the pics…. They are courtesy of the brilliant, funny, talented and extremely humble Michael Vegas aka The Soul Thief.  Thank you for letting us share with all Xander's fans.


Circle of Violence merchandise is available at http://www.CircleofViolence.com and http://www.facebook.com/circleofviolence

Eric and Xander

Jesse on bass

Jesse and Freddy


Xander looking for a victim! I volunteer as tribute! Oh, wait, that's something else! I volunteer anyway!
Xander and Jason
OMG! Circle of Violence! 
Jason ... Shredding like the Old Dawg he is . 

Hope you enjoyed this…. But if you need more….here is the link to the You Tube video of the show…..

Here are some of the comments the guys posted after the concert… thanking those who came out and supported them.....

And this from Michael Vegas who took the pics shared above!!!! Thank you so much Michael…. Please go like his page to see some more of his photos.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Soul-Thief/265435866810647

And if you want more….. here is where the boys are going to be this month…. And YES next Friday they are back at it!!!!

The album is available online too! 

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