September 5, 2013

Review: The Temptation of Eve

Bad Boy vs. Good Guy…Who would you chose when faced with your hearts ultimate Temptation?

A Review of The Temptation of Eve

Where do I start with this review?  First off I want to say that although the sex in this movie was beyond sizzling, I am focusing on the real message of this movie instead of the passionate melding of bodies that left me breathless with every interaction.  Why?  Because I really am at odds after watching this movie… not once but three times since it arrived in the mail the other day (less than 40 hours), and I still am a little shaken by the intensity of this feature.  I struggled with not being entirely happy about the choice Eve makes, but at the same time I am screaming at the screen for her not to make a mistake that I personally know too well.  I am too familiar with straddling the line, as it were, just like Eve does with her feelings for Danny and Brandon.  Kudos Ms. St. James, you have succeeded in your efforts to make the viewer’s question which man they want to win Eve’s heart as well as in my case question choices made in my own life that I can honestly say I regret.  Bad boy vs. the good guy.

Eve and Danny find themselves both out of work and needing a place to crash until they can get back on their feet.  Enter Brandon.  Their saviour.  An entrepreneur who owns several properties and is an old “friend” of Eve’s and a new friend to Danny who makes them an offer they cannot afford to refuse.  His offer to let them stay free of charge with him at his home is a godsend in Danny’s opinion, but a walk on a knife’s edge for Eve.  Her brief time spent with Brandon as more than just friends was like spontaneous combustion.  Their passion and heat scorching a path that left them both scarred when it flared out as fast as it started.

Brandon’s taunting of Evie as she tries to stay true to her heart and faithful to a man who really loves her and both shows and tells her daily is a struggle that is complicated with the fact that she could never tell Danny of her secret past with Brandon. 


Eve continues to defy the temptation of giving in as Brandon pushes her towards her breaking point over and over again, but it takes a toll on her as her imagination gives in to the desire the bad boy stirs within her.  Remembering their times together in vignettes that were seriously too fucking hot!  (In the pool… “Make yourself come then I make you come.” OMG seriously I almost swallowed my tongue with that line.)  Every little taunt, tease and look pushing her towards an edge she still struggled with crossing in the first place. 

Danny is the optimist, ready to see the offer from Brandon as a kindness towards friends and nothing more.  Eve, however, has first-hand experience on how Brandon works.  How he gets under the skin of his conquests and leaves them both wanting and devastated when he walks away before anyone can see the real him.   Brandon is the ultimate bad boy… one that every woman wants a piece of. (Including me… waves hand in the air…pick me pick me!)

Danny leaves the house for another interview and Brandon invites one of his tenants in the house (India Summer) and immediately reveals how hard and demanding he is on his women.  Fucking her on the living room couch, knowing that Eve was still in the house, and getting the release he needed from her before getting the rent check due.  Waving her offer to make things permanent away he goes in search of Eve who had been hiding in his room reading the journal he kept on all her conquests. Eve’s fantasies soon over ride her life both during the day and during the nights when she imagines Brandon above her and holding her and fucking her, instead of the sweet even tempered non game playing Danny doing it.  It is even harder when Brandon steps up his game play, making his current amusement wear Eve’s clothing in his attempt to prove to her that she desired him still and manipulating her into witnessing them in action.  


When Danny leaves for one more interview, one that Brandon had a hand at setting up, I was overwhelmed by the devious methods Brandon was concocting to get Eve alone.  Thinking she is alone Eve takes advantage of Brandon’s privacy yet again taking his journal into the tub with her as she starts to pleasure herself to his words until he walks in and she finds herself defending her actions and letting him know how she feels about the devastation he leaves in his wake with every conquest, every broken promise, and every broken heart.


An attempt at a peace offering shows a vulnerability that broke my heart, especially when it becomes apparent that she is not as decided as she thinks she is.  Closer to the edge than she ever imagined until Danny walks in with good news that brings her off that ledge and back to reality. 

Stepping up his efforts, Brandon brings home his date - The blonde bimbo (Bailey Blue) who stole Eve’s job in the first place and proceeds to prove his bad boy status. 


Brandon, after making sure that Eve is aware of his arrival, proceeds to keep the whole house awake when he fucks Jen up down and every which way against the door to Eve and Danny’s room. (This was seriously one of the hottest scenes I have watched in a long time.  The obvious connection Xander and Bailey had as friends showed through with every kiss, thrust, and scorching hot look they shared throughout this scene.) Pushing Eve in the other direction, her decision made, they begin to pack and prepare to leave, but Brandon has one last attempt to try.  He is not finished and makes one last effort to turn Eve’s head back in his direction.  Leaving a special journal just for her she remembers their first night together, the heat, the passion and the connection they shared, but is it too little too late or is there a chance that she might want to take another chance with the man who broke her heart?


Wow.  I had to take some time to get my thoughts on this movie down and now it’s a couple of days later and Im still struggling with getting my feelings written down.  I loved this story and it hit home to me.  Did I want Brandon to win Evie’s heart?  His harder and demanding way of working into Evie’s soul was not always pretty but there was something about his underlying vulnerability that got to me.  Dominating.  Dangerous.  Devistatingly handsome. Xander was perfect in this role and I cannot picture anyone else playing it so well.  But what about Danny?  He was sweet, loving and exactly the kind of guy Eve and every girl needs in her life.  Stable.  Sexy.  Perfect.  And Tommy played him perfectly as well…. Love him even more now!!  Ms. St. James gave us all pause for thought with her story. 

Harder or Sweeter?

Demanding or Vulnerable?

Scorching or Passionate?

Brandon or Danny?

Eve’s line when Brandon walks in to the bathroom, while she is deeply immersed in reading about his sexual conquests, was one of the best in the movie and it hit home with me on so many levels and summed up the entire story. 

“People have fantasies.  Crazy intense out control fantasies… but that doesn’t ever mean that they’re going to get acted on.”

Fantasies.  Is Brandon Evie’s fantasy?  Hell yeah!  Is she ready to give up everything in her life for that fantasy?  No.  Yes.  No.  That’s the struggle.  That’s the heart of it all.  Can a person give up something solid and true in their lives for a chance at a fantasy especially if they have had a taste of it and deep down want more?  Truth?  Many do.  Many will.  And many will find out the hard way that chasing a fantasy was the wrong choice for them.  But what about those who take that chance and find out that it was all worth it?  For those who take the leap and find that taking a chance on that fantasy was the right choice for them?  That is the dilemma at the heart of every person who is forced to make a life changing decision be it with a love or a job or even changing their diet if it means saving their lives.  For those who take that chance and find true happiness in their decision I applaud them and envy them at the same time.  For those who didn’t take that chance I welcome them into my boat…. It’s a bit crowded in here and it leaks a little by the plug, but there is always a chance to find a new fantasy and make a different decision in the future here.  It’s all up to you.  Evie says “You don’t just get a redo.  It’s too late for that.”  But is it really?  It’s your choice.  Your life.   And if you have a second chance at following a fantasy there are many that would take that chance every time.  Myself included.  Fantasies are the reason every person who walks into a movie theatre, rents or buys a DVD or orders a VOD shells out their hard earned money.  They are looking for a way to escape their reality and indulge in a fantasy.  


Would I love to have Xander walk into my life and make love to me like he does to Remy, Bailey and India in this movie?  Hell yes.  Will it ever happen?  Unfortunately no.  Do I want to bury my dreams and never admit to myself that holding on to that tiny thread of hope that maybe, just maybe my connection and admiration of this man might warrant at least a meeting in the future?  Hell no.  Just to be able to meet the man would fulfill enough of my fantasy to make it all worth-while.  And isn’t that what life is all about?  Finding something that makes you happy and that makes it all worth-while.  Thank you Ms. Jacky.  Thank you for writing the perfect script that made me re-evaluate my own choices and for casting the best talents to bring it to life.  My one question though at the end…. Is whether the door is locked behind Eve and did she keep the key to not only the door, but to Brandon's heart when she stepped outside?


Brandon - Xander Corvus

Eve - Remy LaCroix
Danny - Tommy Pistol
Jen - Bailey Blue
Veronica - India Summer
Written by Jacky St. James
Directed by Jacky St. James
Director of Photography: Eddie Powell

India Summer and Xander Corvus
Remy LaCroix and Tommy Pistol
Bailey Blue and Xander Corvus
Remy LaCroix and Xander Corvus


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