September 18, 2013

Mother X's Bedtime Story

Her new co-worker had just kissed her and said he wanted to introduce her to his world. She had no clue what that might be but he said he intended to show her. He instructed her to be at his house Friday evening at 7pm. He would send a car for her. "I can drive myself," she said, but she was overruled. She thought he sounded rather controlling but she chalked it up to her inexperience with men since she had only been with three men during college and none during her working life.

On Thursday when she arrived home from work, she was surprised by a package delivery. When she opened it she saw a black mini-dress, black thigh-high stockings trimmed in lace, a black lace bra with matching thong, and black ankle boots. There was also a 24” string of beautiful white pearls inside a box laying on top. The hand-written note just said, ‘I want you to wear the enclosed tomorrow night.The nerve, she thought. How did he know my sizes, she wondered? She had half a mind to return the items but she remembered the desire in his eyes, those beautiful green eyes framed by jet black hair. She wanted to please him so she decided to wear the items he had selected.

The next evening at the appointed time the driver arrived at her door to escort her to the waiting car. She wondered if he always used a car and driver, and, if he did, thought that he must be rich. Arriving at his home, she was speechless. It was a beautiful colonial mansion with circular drive. The lawn and landscaping were impeccably well-cared for. She walked to the front door and waited. The driver had told her to enter, but she was hesitant. She decided then and there she would not play the shy girl like she usually did.

She pushed the door open and walked down an entry hall. To the right was a huge dining room with a table that could seat 16 easily. On the left was a beautifully appointed study, all wood and leather. Further on down, in a relaxed den he stood at the bar mixing drinks. He looked breathtaking with low slung ripped jeans sitting on his hips. He had a white dress shirt on that was not buttoned, and he was barefooted. She didn’t think she had ever seen such a spectacular-looking man. His black hair was down on his forehead and it looked slightly wet. His lips were just so kissable. She could feel a palpable electricity between them, and she thought she might combust right there.

Walking over to her, he took her hand and pulled her to him for a long, slow, all-consuming kiss. "You please me," he said. She asked why and he said he knew she would look so good in the clothes he had picked out. "And those pearls," he said, "I have plans for those." She was sure he did by the look in his eyes. He reached up and took the pearls off, laying them on the table in front of the long brown leather sectional couch. He offered a drink and they sat on the couch while he told her a startling story. He was a BDSM master, he said. She had heard of people who practiced BDSM from a friend of hers. She told him she was not submissive, that she was a strong woman who could take care of herself. Taking his finger under her chin and tipping her head up he told her that is was that kind of woman who was best at being submissive. Because she was in control of all parts of her life, this was one area she could give power to another person. She would not have to think, he would do the thinking and all she had to do was feel.

By now she was so aroused and she could feel herself getting very wet. As if reading her mind he asked if she were wet, and to let him find out. Slowly pulling the short dress up, he slipped his hand down the front of her panties, finding out yes, indeed she was very wet. There was a voice in the back of her telling her this was not right, that she didn’t really know him. But right now she did not care. She only knew that she was on fire and he was the only man who could put the fire out. She tentatively put her hand on his chest to find hard muscle with no fat. He tipped her head to kiss her again. Moaning, she thought she might die and, if she did, she could die a happy woman. She relaxed into him while the kiss went on and on. He was exploring her mouth with his tongue and she gave him back everything he was giving her. His hands were exploring her pussy, slipping three fingers into her opening and coming out to rub her clitoris. Her breasts were aching and he knew just how she wanted it by pinching her nipples hard through the brassier. Not a single thought about telling him to stop entered her head.

When he pulled away, she sighed. "Strip," he said. When she hesitated, he said, "NOW!" Quickly she shed her clothes and boots. He positioned her to stand in front of him and she felt herself tremble. His gaze raked over her body, desire raging in his eyes. "Do you know how beautiful you are?" he asked. "Tonight is special," he said. "Normally I would not let you cum until I say so, but tonight I want you to cum as much as possible so you can see how much pleasure I can give you." She thought she might die on the spot.

Gently he laid her on the sofa and put his mouth on her clit. Crying out, she nearly orgasmed right away as he sucked it in his mouth and flicked his tongue over it. He tongue-fucked her, then alternated between her opening and clit. She was lost in the lust as she felt herself burst with pleasure. "Now," he said, "I will begin to introduce you to my world." From his jeans pocket he produced a scarf and proceeded to tie her wrists behind her back. She hardly knew this man, she thought, but somehow she trusted him explicitly. Lying her back again, he took the pearls off of the table. Looking deep in her eyes he drew the double strand of white beads hard across her opening and clit. Back and forth he drew them hard until she was on the edge again. But he pulled them away, put them in her mouth, and said, "Taste yourself."

What else did he have in store for her, she wondered? Whatever it was, she was in, she thought. The pleasure was almost overwhelming at times, but she wanted more, she wanted it all.

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