September 10, 2013

Mother X's Bedtime Story

She awoke from the dream sweaty even though the bedroom was cool. She was breathless and aroused beyond reason. Then the dream hit her and she was annoyed it could not go on. Turning over and trying to fall back to sleep, she thought about the man in her dream. How many times she had dreamed about him over the last few weeks could not be counted, she only knew it was almost a nightly occurrence now, sometimes twice. Tonight, she had the feeling she knew him. His face was much clearer to her now.

The next night the dream hit her again and when she awakened, she was shocked to realize the man was her new co-worker. She wondered why she would dream of the man. He was sexy beyond reason, sure, with his curly hair, green eyes, and fabulous trim physique. She was certain she had not received any sexy signals from him over the weeks he had been with the company. She decided she would keep a close eye on him to see if she could figure this dream out.

She saw him at a meeting that very day, and they were assigned to work on a project together. The first meeting was at three that afternoon, and it ran late until six that evening. After their other coworkers left, he asked her if she was hungry and would she like to order pizza in. That way they could continue to go over the figures for their project. All she could think about were her sexy dreams of him. Looking in his eyes, she sensed desire in them. Her own eyes mirrored his, and she was breathless as he reached for her and pulled her to his chest. As he lowered his lips to hers, her heart rate kicked into high gear. Was this real or a dream? Breaking away, she said the words out loud. He said yes, it was real and he intended to introduce her into his world.

What was his world, she wondered?

In the next few weeks, we will explore his world. A world some might call alternative, kinky, perverted, but one that some call normal.

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