August 8, 2013

Xuestions and Xnswers with Mistress S

Xander to the Xtreme: Xuestions and Xnswers 

Who knew.... or rather who wants to know Xander a little better?  Yeah we all do and speaking for myself I say that with a hell yeah added to the end!  Well with a little prodding I managed to ferret out the answers to a few of the questions he gets asked on twitter and a few others on the side.  

1.  What is your favorite colour?

Green (but not to wear....)

To wear X prefers blacks whites and red..... Hmmmm a theme for our Dark Lord?

2.  Who was your favorite Power Ranger?

Green (Not after he turned white like a bitch)

LOL too funny!!

3.  I asked Xander who was his favorite Pokémon?  (Be honest.... I know its Psyduck. )
His reply?????  

Nailed it.!!!!  

See I knew it!  

4.  Xbox or PS3.

PS3 No contest!  

Time to get my game on!!! I know Kimmy is our Xpert gamer time for a challenge!!

5.  What is your favorite sport you ever participated in?

I loved Football.  

I have it on good authority that there is still a bit of a college rivalry in Xanders blood... threaten to send him some Michigan State stuff and see what happens! LOL

6.  Have you won medals for anything other than your acting talents?

Just like sports stuff as a kid and stuff.

(Awe I want to see some old skool Xander in uniform)

7.  Favorite piece of clothing and how old is it?

My "Sick, Sick, Sick" Shirt that Andy San Dimas' Husband gave me.  

If you have seen Xander hanging out this shirt is a staple!!

8.  Favorite board game?


This one kinda threw me.... I was thinking him more of a snakes and ladders kinda guy!

9.  Last book read and or favorite book (I know its my book.... oh yeah you haven't asked to read it yet)

The Three Musketeers. (I can see X pulling off D’Artagnan)  And Hell yeah send it to me!!!

OK this last comment has me squirming.... as my first ever completed novel has a character named Xander that may or may not have dark sekret powers!

10. Fave movie of all time.


Mmmmm sexy cowboy outlaws!!!

More favorites include

LOTR, The Hobbit, Oldboy, Ironclad, Monty Pythons Holy Grail

(And I must add Escape from LA)

11. Fave place to take a date.

My bedroom.

Holy fuck!! Swallows tongue!!! Holy hell man you are going to give a lot of people heart attacks with that answer!!! I am swooning here..... gawd what I wouldn’t give for one date!!!!   Just one!!!!! Please pretty please!!! I will beg!!!!

12.  Fave drink non-alcoholic (if there is one)

LOL! Sarsaparilla.

Again with something that reminds me of an old school cowboy!  Makes me want to see Xander in his upcoming feature Lone Ranger even more....

13.  Favortie fan.... yeah I already know its me.... LOL  Just kidding this isn't a real question....

Lol cute ;-p

Actually I want to put this out there that Xander is appreciative and really cares about all his fans! He tweets and if someone is having a really bad day he asks and listens.... he is such a sweetheart and I can say enough how great he is to everyone!

14.  Ring size....specify which finger

Middle 10.5
Index and Ring 9-10

Maybe its just me but those rings on his fingers are hawt on any guy but on Xander they just rock! In fact my Xander in the aforementioned book wears one and it is magical!! His heroine not only loves it she craves its magical touch as I believe that the real Xanders touch would do the same to any of us! 

15.  Fave place to hide away from us people who deluge your timelines

Hahaha Skyrim.

Yes we all know that Xander likes to game and many a night a random comment is thrown out that tells us exactly what level of play he is at.

16.  Link to your favorite YouTube laugh!

17.   Fave Bands

Billy Talent, Brand New, Danzig, Lamb of God, and Pantera.

(Xander does have a love hate relationship with our Canadian bands)

18.  Most Hated Bands

Creed, Nickleback, Puddle of Mud, Seether, any of those Butt Metal phony rock bands. I
hate them all!

(Enough said)

19. Food preferences


LOL How did I know this one????

20. We know you are in Circle of Violence with Jason Freddy and Eric and Amongst Wolves with Zach but what older bands were you a part of?

An old Christian Street Punk band called Hear no Evil lol. Divided we Fall was kind of a Screamo type thing. Never like the Movies I was in with Zach a few years ago.

21. Why the hell won't you let us see the curls again??? LOL


I guess thats all we get girls.... no more curls!!!

22.  Upcoming releases.... is there any release dates for upcoming features we can get or anything you are looking forward to?

Temptation of Eve and Wicked's Underworld are gonna kick ass.

(Note to all you patiently waiting Temptation of Eve will be releasing Aug 17 and Underworld in September!  I will make sure reviews of those are up as soon as possible.)

Xander and Bailey Blue from Temptation of Eve.

Xander in Wicked's Underworld.

I hope you all enjoyed this get to know Xander session!! Hope there are more and feel free to leave your questions or message @XandersXealots and let us know what you want to know.  Xander also answered some questions concerning his sizing and likes if you want to send him little pressies!  I will be posting those and his contacts for everyone as soon as possible!

Thanks to Naughty America for the scene Xander and Nicole Aniston screen shot was taken from.
Lone Ranger trailer from upcoming Paradox Pictures release.
Xander and Bailey Blue photo property of Jacky St James and Jacky’s Shitty Iphone Photography (Temptation of Eve by New Sensations)
Underworld photo courtesy of Wicked Pictures and James Bartholet

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