August 27, 2013

Xander's Kryptonite

I know most of you have checked out my Xuestions and Xnswers with Xander where I asked him some questions that myself and other fans have been wondering for a while.  Just an FYI - I have a second list started, and if there is something you have asked him on twitter that he hasn’t responded to let me know and I will see if we can get your answers for you.  Anyway, in the last post I asked him fave bands and least fave.  Nickelback was one of the fuck no bands….. I understand.  I used to enjoy them, but that was then this is now…over playing on the radio and them selling out their sound changed that opinion (I am from Canada and I swear the DJs here think they are the only Canadian content they can slide into the programing some days…. Hello…. Billy Talent, Danko Jones, Theory of a Deadman, and Simple Plan are much better choices).  I am veering away from my intended post here turning the wheel now…..

As a fan of Xander you all know what he has been going through lately.  It hasn’t been pretty and we have missed his smiling face and his random comments.  Yesterday we got a glimpse of our old Xander as for his ever faithful we got the requested vines with Russian!  What we also got was him singing along to the aforementioned Nickelback! WTH? Selling out my man??? Oh no!! What can we expect next?  An Amongst Wolves cover of a Beiber song?  ::Shudders::

I had to capture a few choice pics to add to my collection...





If you want to check them out for yourselves please click the links below.  Thanks to both @Russian_OCM and @AlexaAimes for these new captures that show us that our favorite has shaken off the haters and is back to his ever loving adorable self.  Oh and that he is still a lightweight! LOL

Xander Corvus is here and he took my vocal chords damn HIV
Still love you guys <3

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