August 21, 2013

Xander stars in "Weiner and Me"

Guess what Xealots? Our favorite San Fernando Valley man is starring in another parody. And a politically incorrect (see what I did there?) one at that! 

Xander stars alongside Sydney Leathers in Vivid's take on the well-known Anthony Weiner sexting scandal, "Weiner and Me."

What does Leathers have to say about the film? "After I did the Vivid photo shoot a couple weeks ago, people already thought I made a porno, so it was like, 'Eh, they think I did, I might as well.' There is sex, but it has some really funny bits too. That's part of the reason I agreed to do it."

Corvus plays Carlos Danger in the film, Leathers' sexting partner and, well, fucking partner too. 

Leathers' sexting certainly hasn't hurt her image. In fact, it just may have been the gateway to a nice career in the industry. 

Read the full article on the film here.

What do you think Xealots? Is this one going to go on your to-be-viewed list?


Mistress S here…. I know our boy has been busy and very secretive for the most part unless it is a teasing one sentence message in my inbox that leaves me with more questions than I had in the first place, but this post caught us all unawares.  With that said, I need to comment on this Gawker post that Mistress N posted above.  This is totally my opinion, but I have a problem with the “mostly faceless Xander Corvus” comment.  Xander is anything but faceless, but in the context of the story it is hard to see what way it was meant.
Did he mean that in the scene Xander is faceless? That meaning it is a POV, which I hate because I love to see his face and his expressions, but can understand being a possibility because some of the major production studios refuse to accept that more females buy and watch porn than ever before and at a recent industry event more females were registered ticket buyers than their male counterparts.
Did he mean that Xanders character is portrayed as a faceless man getting pulled into a scandal?  This one was harder to believe because of the news coverage of the scandal itself so I will dismiss this one right away.
The final meaning is that Xander himself is faceless.  That my dear Xealots is pure X@@#^*@*^^ bull.  Xander is anything but faceless.  His interactions with his fans is legendary, and a recent poll put him at a much higher percentage of retweets and reactions to each tweet from his fans than any other “star”.  Xander replies to not only his hard core Xealots and Xphiles but to random fans who just say hey I like you… or hey this (insert Star Wars, Firefly, Skyrim, ‘Merica or Gaming  meme here) reminds me of you!  Xander is the face of the future of male pornstars along with a delicious bunch of males that pull more and more women into the scene than ever before.  He is sexy as hell, his talents are endless and don’t stop on the set.  His voice is mesmerizing and he shares that with fans of his music in not one but two bands.  To say that he is faceless just got under my skin and I had to add to the very informative and timely post of my fellow Xealot Mistress above.  If Xander ever cares to do more “faceless” porn I am sure there are a lot in line…. they are right behind myself and Mistress N if we happen to leave him in one piece.  Please share this post and add your thoughts…. Is he faceless?  Which option do you think sums up the quote the best?

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  1. I'm convinced it referred to his character being faceless in the film. I haven't seen it yet, as none of us have, but that was how I interpreted the line in there.

    Mistress N