August 24, 2013

Riding Out the Storm & Brett Rossi's Challenge

Hi readers.  As you are already aware this week has been a hellish week for fans of porn and especially fans of Xander Corvus.  I was no exception; in fact I might be understating my own state of mind when I say I was a bloody wreck, but lets not concentrate on my jump off the deep end. There were others that not only jumped but tried to take down others with them along the way.  Like many Xealots, friends, and fans, we were all worried about Xander’s health when the news that one of his most recent performances may or may not have brought him into contact with someone who has been tested as positive for HIV.  I don’t even want to know what went through his mind as he waited to hear from the APHSS on her status, that he himself was clear and he had to sit and wait because they assumed he knew since he tested clean on more than one occurrence since the scene with Ms. Bay.  Especially since social and published media were ripping into him in every possible way.  I watched the Twitter feeds in horror as people shouted negative and horrible messages to him, including some so vile I couldn’t sit back without reporting them.  (Shudders)

With that said Xander is fine. His tests came back clear and all should be well….. well that was before some idiot bloggers decided to not only run his name through the mud, but brought several of his friends into the equation.  Nothing but a modern day witch hunt.  I can’t even say how angry this made me and even more so what Xander had to do to defend himself by publishing his latest results with his real name just to quiet the rumors.  When Xander posted his comments even they were ripped apart because of the opinions he shared …. sorry, my bad if I don’t see it as bad as some are making it out to be.  Put yourself in his shoes and go through that ordeal and see if you don’t want to lash out a bit.  One thing I do know of Xander is that he is smart and he is honest.

When dealing with this disease a quick test is not always the answer, but even though I have been touched by both HIV and AIDS in my life I do not pretend to know what the real timelines and procedures to deal with this that are now in effect.  Thankfully the ever delightful,  and very smart Brett Rossi does.  As a performer she is aware, and as someone who has put the effort into learning about the truth about the various testing I was very happy to read her post on her blog on Xcritic.  This is a smart lady who people should listen to, who put out the information that even the morons vilifying Xander over the last few days can understand.  Although the link above takes you to the site, and I encourage you to visit her blog and read it regularly, she has given us permission to post her post in its entirety below.  If you have a comment on my post please leave a comment here, but if you wish to let Brett know what a smart cookie she is and thank her for being such a voice of reason go to her blog and let her know there.  Follow her on Twitter at @theBrettRossi.

I Issue A Challenge 
by Brett Rossi

I'm sure you all have heard the news; an HIV+ performer has emerged just weeks after a syphilis scare and not even a week after an incompetent asshole decided to conveniently hide that he has been actively performing while being HepC+.

First and foremost, I want to commend the current performer who tested positive for HIV and came 
forth to the industry, faced her fears and respectfully let everyone aware of her current condition. I'm 
not going to mention her name as it's already been mentioned enough. If you don't know the current 
situation, you have no business being involved in the porn business as it is and you are a bigger idiot 
than the world already considers people in porn to be. Anyways, my condolences are with her and those who have been affected by the current situation that is going on with in the industry.

I would also like to say, Diane Duke, you have not proven yourself as an individual who possess the 
necessary ability to 'represent' our industry by any means. The board that voted you to be 'in charge' are clearly just as ridiculous as you have currently shown yourself to be. Your PR person should be fired as the statements you release whenever the industry is in a pandemonium are terrible and by far sound uneducated as well as ignorant. You do not know where the disease came from. The fact that you even felt the need to place that in your press release is irrelevant for you to speak upon and proves my previous statement about you. The fact is, there was an active performer in the pool and she was positive for HIV. She worked with other performers and those performers are now a high risk to other performers whether their current tests show they are positive or negative.

Mike South, Rob Black ... I get it. Y'all want to be the best bloggers in the biz, with the most information on the current situations and both state you are looking out for the business/the performers in the business. You both have excellent traffic coming to your blog(s) and I'm going to ask for you both to put your differences aside for a moment and prove to the industry that you truly ARE looking out for us and help me execute a challenge to the industry. I want to help educate the industry, I want the industry to WANT to protect themselves and I'm asking for your help. I want to challenge the industry to NOT shoot for the next 3-4 weeks and test every week until they return to work. Tell them to not be cheap. Tell them that testing once a week for 4 weeks will cost them roughly as much as they makes in one shoot compared to how much treatment for HIV will cost in the long run if they take the risk of performing during an outbreak, become infected with the disease and are left without any means of income once they are booted from the industry for catching said disease.They can lower their risk by simply not shooting for a few weeks.

Let's get to the basics as to why I am challenging the industry to stop shooting for the next 3-4 weeks:

Not that anyone of you can't research it yourself, but I'll enlighten those who are too lazy to do the research. HIV can take months to show positive for antibodies in your system. There are different means of testing and also have different window periods of effectiveness;

Antibody tests ("Rapid" tests) — these give a positive result based on antibodies to HIV, not the virus itself.
  • 2-8 weeks (up to 2 months) after infection, most people will have enough antibodies to test positive
  • 12 weeks (3 months) after infection, about 97% of people will have enough antibodies to test positive

Antigen tests (RNA tests) —these show a positive result based on the presence of the virus.
  • 1-3 weeks after infection, there will be enough viral material for a positive result
(According to my most recent panel, CET shows they are performing an RNA test.)

The current performer that tested HIV+ could have been carrying the virus for longer than we think. Just because you go out, get tested and it comes back "negative" or "non-reactive" should not mean the industry should go back to shooting. This is not something that should be swept under the rug or taken lightly. Take 3-4 weeks off from performing. If you can't afford it, you have problems and should probably go return that ugly Louis Vuitton bag that cost as much as your rent that is due next week. 

Performers, you make anywhere between $400-$1500 a scene and the majority of you perform at least 3 times a week. Quick math, that is roughly $6,000 - $20,000 you make a month which is certainly more than the average American makes a month with a College Degree. There is no excuse to not accept this challenge. To not only protect yourself, but your loved ones that you are sexually active with at home as well as your colleagues. Producers, directors, agents, etc do not and will never care about you as much as you will care about yourself as well as your well-being.
PS - excuse the type-o's and spelling errors. The point is, to protect yourself & be educated on the current situation. Don't sit around and wait for Diane Duke to tell you when she thinks its safe for you to start shooting again. We have the power, WE are the performers.

**NOTE: This article was re-printed with permission from Brett's XCritic blog, and can be found here.

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