August 8, 2013

Review: Bonnie and Xander

Bonnie and Xander - your modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

Wow.  I am almost beyond words with this one.  Without any prelude Xander and Bonnie are fully engaged in hot, heavy and wet carnality.  This has to be the most down and dirty in both their actions and their talk that I have seen in a while, and definitely the most gratuitous use of spit that I have ever seen. Bonnie does slobber and nasty like no other and Xander pulls off the bad boy as if he was made for the part.  The scene is raunchy and fast with them jumping from position to position as if the police were hot on their trail and it might be the last time they had together on the earth.  Actually that is the case as Bonnie is a con whose husband Xander helped her escape by getting a job in the prison.  His gun, a smoking cigarette, and a pair of handcuffs are props that add to the intensity of the scene.  When he tells her to scream I wanted to too as they both yell their passions out to each other as she rides him like a prize stallion.  One scene in particular where Xander has his legs doubled underneath himself as she pounces up and down on him is beyond imagination and burned in a very special part of my memory.  Xander’s lack of tats compared to Bonnie’s abundance of them is the main contrast between the two as they both attack each other with an intensity like I have never seen.  Their spit play does nothing for me personally, but for those who like that sort of thing you will get more than you ever imagined!  That aspect has never appealed to me, but it definitely adds to the eroticism of the scene.  

As they continue Bonnie squeezes Xander by the throat and I am the one breathless and as he pile drives her over and over, pistoning his hard cock into her and inserting his thumb into her ass as he holds her down. Slapping her ass talking dirty almost killed me.  And Xander's snarls…. Oh My Gawd!!!  Deep breath….. Hold on…. I need moment to stop shaking as this keyboard seems to have a mind of its own right now…. Either that or I am so worked up just typing this that I need to take a personal moment.  OK to finish this scene Xander’s instructions are quickly fulfilled as she does everything he demands.  Titty fucking those tattooed orbs, and eating her, Xander takes on a demon like determination to make their pleasures unforgettable.

Making a run for it after they knock a guy out and steal his jeep, they find themselves out in the desert and having a lot of fun streaking across the hardened terrain.  Stopping to get down and dirty there on the ground, I can’t believe that Xander didn’t slice his knees apart on the sun parched flats.    Bonnie’s groans echo across the desert as Xander holds her in place once again, bathing her in spit and once again finding release together as the sun descends in the background.  A picturesque site, with the sun glinting off them, the cinematography is excellent as it captures both nature's beauty and the beauty of two lovers taking what could be their final breaths together in a passionate display of their love.  Ending off the scene the two decide to do some target practice before riding off into the sunset bent on raising a little more hell before they go out with another bang!

I did it…. I made it through the body of this review without having to hose myself off…. With all the spit involved in this pic though I almost feel the need anyway.  As I said before it is not on one of my top favorites lists, but it definitely is a part of this movie.  Bonnie and Xander are the modern day Bonnie and Clyde.  Racing from death and those that want to hunt them down for whatever crimes they have committed.  (Makes me wonder though how Xander got those keys to the prison and pulled the wool over whoever was responsible for hiring the husband of a convicted felon. Hmmmmmm.)  In any case I was very happy to be able to watch this one.  It’s been out for a bit now and it has been on my list of wanted for quite some time.  And now that I am finished… I want more!!!  And after thinking about it…. Wonder if my question about the prison’s hiring policy could be answered by a prequel as this story is ………… to be continued………

Staring Bonnie Rotten and Xander Corvus
34 minutes
Watch the original trailer at Brazzers
Real Wife Stories
All screen caps captured by Mistress S of Xanders Xealots from original Brazzers scene.

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