August 13, 2013

Mother X's Bedtime Story

What is wrong with me? I go on dates frequently but no man interests me. They are dull, dull, dull. They are either interested only in sex or what I can do for them socially. I have begun to think that I am destined to be alone for life. My friends think I am too picky, that I have this dream man in my mind that no other man can measure up to. Well, I do have a dream man in my mind, not that I have ever told anyone about him, but he exists somewhere, I just know it.
First of all, he is funny. He can make me laugh like no other man. He is ruggedly handsome. Not a pretty boy, but rough around the edges, with curls in his hair and beautiful green eyes. He likes to work out and stay in shape. He never talks down to me, but treats me as an equal, and he likes sex. I mean he really LOVES it and he likes to do it often no matter what is going on in our lives. He is very open and encourages me to talk about what I want sexually. He wants to know my fantasies and I tell him every one of them. He wants me to write one down so he can make it happen exactly, and this is what I write for him:
I push you down on your back for a blow job. I want you to sit up and grab my hair and force my head down on your cock. You hold my head there several times till I gag. I want you to eat me out and make me cum for the first time. With me on my back, I want you to put your cock in me and come down to lay on me and press me into the bed. I want you to lick me wherever you can and bite my neck. And I want you to be fucking me rough and pounding me into the bed. I want to hear your pleasure as you fuck me.

I want you to get up and roughly turn me over and pull my hips up. You put your mouth on me and lick me from clit to anus several times. Then you put your cock in my pussy and your thumb in my ass. You pound me so hard I can barely keep my hips in the air. I want you to slap my ass often.
I want you to stand so I can suck you again. You let me do it how I want for a few minutes then you grab my head and fuck my face. I push you back down on the bed and climb on top of you. I put your cock in my pussy and grind back and forth. We both fuck eachother hard in this position and I cum again.

I want you to throw me on my back and enter me. You are kneeling so I can raise up on my elbows so we can both watch you fuck me, your cock entering me then coming out to rub on my clit. You push in slowly and pull back almost all of the way out and shove back in sort of slow at first, then faster and faster. You come to lay on me while fucking me hard, and I cum once again.

Then you put me in any position you want in order for you to cum. I want to feel your hot cum shooting up into my vagina. I want to hear you say you are cumming. I want us to lay like this for a while until you soften and fall out of me.

This is a dream, with my dream man, right? Perfection in men does not exist, does it? One can always hope it is never too late……

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