August 5, 2013

Mother X's Bedtime Story

He hadn’t called me in several days. I wondered what the problem was and decided to pick up the phone myself. He said he had been thinking about something and could he come over and talk. When he arrived I could hardly contain myself. He looked so good in black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black hoodie. But his look was serious and I became concerned. He said he would get right to the point:  he wanted to bring a third person into our sexual relationship, a man. He wanted to watch another man fuck me. I admitted I was excited by the possibilities, but also I was concerned. Where did this come from? How could he watch another man have sex with me? He said the erotic vision of me in ecstasy was something he could not stop thinking about, and he could only see me if he wasn’t the one giving it to me. We could make it totally anonymous by having me blindfolded or he could have me meet the person. I said to start I would rather be blindfolded. We agreed on Friday night.

I was very anxious as we drove to his house. When he pulled me from the car he whispered in my ear that he loved me and not to worry. Unzipping my dress, he told me he wanted me naked and blindfolded right away. As he led me to the pool I wondered who this other man was. I was so excited thinking about what might happen. After he stripped he led me down the steps and into the pool. Taking me in his arms, he kissed me passionately and told me to turn around. I heard the patio door open and soft footsteps coming to the edge of the pool. Pressing my back to his chest, he grabbed my thighs, opening them above the water. I was so embarrassed, but as the same time so turned on. He told me in his raspy voice all of the delicious things they were going to do to me, and my anxiety vanished, replace by a much stronger emotion, arousal.

He carried me out of the pool and carefully placed me on a chaise lounge. Two sets of hands immediately started caressing all over my body, pinching my nipples, stroking my breasts and belly, and dipping into my pussy. Oh God, I didn’t think I could stand the pleasure. Opening my thighs, I felt a hot mouth on my clit and dipping into my wet hole. My whole body was on fire as they continued to ravish me. I then heard the unmistakable sound of a foil condom package being ripped open. One of them knelt between my thighs and I could feel his cock head just teasing my entrance, barely dipping in and coming out to rub on my clit. Finally he slowly sank into me, filling me to the brim. The pleasure was indescribable, and I cried out in ecstasy. He set a steady rhythm as the other one continued to suck my nipples and stroke my breasts. Moaning, I begged them not to stop. I felt the orgasm building in my belly and lower parts until I could not stop it from exploding. He continued to fuck me through the orgasm until I felt him shoot his cum in the condom. I felt pleasured beyond words.

Suddenly, all hands and bodies left me. When the blindfold was removed, all I saw was my love standing there. I knew then from the look on his face that it was the stranger who had fucked me. His look was one of happiness and exhilaration. I could not believe that he initiated this but he asked if I was okay with it, and would I want to do it again. What do you think my answer was?

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