August 29, 2013

Breathless: A Review of "Down the Throat"

I had heard about this movie a while back and had been teased relentlessly by a certain still shot by a Miss Jacky St. James for a while.  When I had the opportunity to grab it I took the chance even though I was warned it wasn’t my typical choice for an evening’s entertainment.   My comment was have you seen that picture?  Xander and Karmen Karma are smoking hot! How could I not love it??? And it’s fucking Xander Corvus!!!  Well after spending last night watching I have to say that I did love everything in the scene with Xander and Karmen, but as the movie progressed I found myself losing attention…. Yes.  I can say that.  Not that the performances were not very well done it's just…. Hell it wasn’t X and to be honest it really wasn’t my favorite style of movie as I was told previous…. When the mascara and eye liner smears are more distracting than the sex it’s not doing what it intended.  My friend was right, (don’t tell her though), as a female and a writer I prefer scenes with at least a little bit of dialogue to it.

Now to get back to the reason I chose to view this one.  Xander and the very pretty tattooed Karmen Karmen.  She is just adorable and I wanted to see if there was any chemistry between her and my boy. (Yes I am claiming him!)  I was happy to see that the experiment was a success!  OK maybe I am the only one who says it was an experiment, but there are a few of my favorites that Xander has been with in the past that I love to watch him with and I wanted to see if Karmen was going on that list.  (Shhhhh don’t tell anyone but she did!)  The chemistry was instantaneous with them and continued throughout their scene.  I’d really love to see them in a feature together.  So getting to the review of the scenes I don’t usually find the need to describe each position, but this scene demands a little more detail than most.

Starting out there was a little chat with the pretty girl with the gorgeous extensions and the sexy nipple piercings before she gets comfortable on the bed while waiting for Xander to appear.  Quickly getting into her task, she takes him down the throat.  His forceful grip on her hair and pounding is freeking hawt!  And her talons…. Geez girl!  Telling her to lick his balls then throwing her on the bed to lick then finger bang her was cause for pause.  Continuing on his forceful nature makes the dark haired vixen breathless as well as this reviewer!  She calls him baby throughout and his whispered instructions and demands add intensity to the scene that the others lacked for me.  Then there is the lift…. Yeah deep breath.  Lifting her up to impale her face as he holds her upright and eats her just rocked me to the core. 

Dayum.  I have to say that there were pleasant dreams after watching this and while reviewing this tonight the subsequent viewing will be more of the same if I am a lucky girl.  When he fucked her so hard she has to lift away and shudders above him it is testament to why the girls all request Xander for their scenes and why he is such a demand.   Karmen rides Xander hard and he gives it back to her even harder, so much so that this girl started calling Ms. Karma the fucking lucky bitch for the rest of the scene.  Actually any of the girls that he works with hold the honor of lucky bitch, but Karmen deserved to have the title FLB!  The rest of the scene they continue to drive each other into the bed, moving to face her, lifting her leg high, and driving home harder and harder until she begs for him to give her his cum.  Not one to ever leave his partners wanting, Xander delivers, leaving both hot, sweaty and fulfilled.

I was thoroughly wrecked when I was done viewing this.  I love adding a bit of Xander to my day, but this one was so different from my norm it quickly left a lasting impression.  The actual sex aside, my favorite part though is the kiss and the laugh they share after the vertical 69.  OMFG.  Perfect.  If this man could even look at me once with that grin and that smile I would die on the spot. 

Oh and I can’t go without mentioning that that look… those damn sexy as hell eyes accented with the guy liner…. Fuck me!!  Please!!! Yeah I know.  Xander is a fantasy.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love the boy to pieces and someday just want to be in his orbit.  If only for a little while.  In the meantime I am living through works like this that bring fantasy to life and showcase two very sexy and arousing people making themselves and other people happy with what they do with their talents.

A New Sensations Picture
Directed by Eddie Powell
Karmen Karma (@KarmenKarma) and Xander Corvus (@XCorvus777)
Jenna J Ross and Bruce Venture
Tracey Sweet and Clover
Bella Reece and Bruce Venture


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