July 23, 2013

Review: Change of Heart

Sometimes  you have to trust your heart……  A review of Change of Heart
When Ashley (Samantha) is attacked in a back alley she is saved by a mysterious saviour who runs just as fast from her as the cowardly man who had held a gun to her head.  Getting over it isn’t as easy as she had hoped and despite support from her sister (Annika), best friend (Bailey) and her fiancé (Logan) the nightmares persist and threaten her career as a support worker.  Meeting the man who saved her in the diner she finds herself drawn to the mysterious Jason (Brendon) despite his reluctance to talk about his part in thwarting the attack rushing out after he cuts their awkward conversation short.  Returning home, conversations with David (Logan) are stilted and a conversation with him about their upcoming honeymoon is the last thing she needs from him.  What she needs is support from him and to help her with her fears.  David has other distractions, especially when Scott (Xander) shows up and lets him know that he has plans for them that will take his mind off everything.
Meeting up with Jason again she lets him know that she is prepping herself to return to the area she had been attacked and after his protests that she stay away she decides to ask him to go with her.  For protection only.  Returning to the area brings other concerns to the forefront when her client recognizes Jason from somewhere.  Struggling with her feelings for the ruggedly handsome stranger, Ashley consults her sister (Stormy) about the situation and what she should do about David’s lack of support.  With David out for the night it gives Ashley the opportunity to figure some things out of her own but when the next day brings truths about both David and Jason to the forefront she must decide what path to follow to find the real man she needs to be with to be happy.
Logan and Samantha have a very quick but intimate breakfast as they make use of the granite counter, the table and turn up the heat of the movie right away.
Xander and Bailey have a tongue biting encounter after Bailey surprises him and models her new lingerie.  I really think Xander liked his surprise!  Something about this scene jumped out at me and screamed this is real…. There is something more than a paycheck between these two. (The ear bite at the end almost killed me).

Annika and Abigail entertain the boys at a pre bachelor party party with a lot of petting for all the guys in attendance and a lot more between the two ladies.  The conversations, as the males enjoy the show, are comical and were one of my favorite parts of the movie.
Logan, in a flashback to the night before, remembers a very sexy blow job from Annika.  The memory distracting him from the fact that his fiancé knows he was cheating on her.
Brendon and Samantha finally close out the movie when they reunite a few months after their lives have changed forever.  In a bedroom that was orgasmic all by itself (I want that bed and found it a little exciting that the dangerous Jason had a bedroom that screamed seduction instead of milk crates and a box spring on the floor), they succumb to their passions and find the solace they both needed in their lives within each other’s arms.

I have been waiting to watch this feature for a while as the combination of Xander paired up with Bailey was something that was a must see for me.  It didn’t disappoint.  Their chemistry was scorching!  I mean fried a few of my brain cells, my body temp heated so fast scorching!  As I said before the little bites were a distraction!  The movie as a whole was very entertaining!  Samantha was believable as the victim and the way she questioned her future with Logan was, from what I have read on the subject, very believable as was the attraction to the man that stepped up and saved her.  The introduction of Jason’s father and the revelations of his own background kept the story from being one sided.  The layers combining to deliver a very entertaining movie that both male and female fans can enjoy.  I laughed out loud at the party scene.  The interactions between Xander and Logan so funny!  The only downside I had to the film is that although I loved the scene as a whole I felt that particular one went too long and distracted me from the storyline.  In fact I could have forgone putting it on pause to put the popcorn in the microwave because I never would have missed anything in the overall plot of the movie…..Well wait a minute.  I would have missed a couple of screen shots of Xander and that would have been a bad thing!  A very bad thing!!!
CastSamantha  Saint >> AshleyBrendon Miller>>  JasonLogan Pierce >>  DavidBailey Blue>>  DanaXander Corvus>>  ScottStormy Daniels>> LaurieAnikka Albrite>> Stripper OneAbigail Mac>> Stripper TwoDirected by Stormy Daniels
Wicked Productions
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