July 23, 2013

Review: Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven - a fantasy that will have you dreaming of a sensual afterlife of love!
Sara (Allie) ushers the two latest clients to a waiting room before leading Angie (Kiara) up to a meeting with her boss Michael (Xander) who disregards her little notes, smiles and silent pleas for his attention.  (I don’t blame her… I myself would do almost anything for Xanders attention).  He is all work and no play though, dismissing Sara and needs to know what memory Angie wishes to take with her as she passes through on her way to finding her eternal placement.  Unable to pick one memory, Michael tells her of one of his past clients and the sensual and romantic tryst in a garden setting with her husband she had chosen to retain.  Carine (Brooke Lee) and David (Danny) leave their own memory in a very sexy, very arousing scene as they get nekkid in the garden and play.
Deciding to wait to choose her memory, Michael leaves Angie until the end of the day and joins Sara in the staff room.  Going through paper work Michael totally ignores the pleading looks Sara gives him and unsaid offers to do anything for his attention.  Pouring him a coffee she is stunned to find him snuggled up behind her and having her own fantastic memory made.  As Michael kisses her, biting her lip, tugging it then turning her to kiss her neck…. **Pausing now for a break to get my heart rate at an acceptable pace** As he strips her and puts her on the counter he fulfills every fantasy she has had of him and more.  Michaels sounds of pure ecstasy when she is on her knees as he calls her baby and praises her is down-right orgasmic with his white dress pants around his ankles and the white sport socks up around his powerful calves. **Fans self! This review is hotter and harder…no pun intended…than I thought it would be**Bitey kisses on the shoulder, linking hands, whispers and every fantasy I have…. All played out with Sara ending up one lucky lucky girl as they make use of the floor before returning to the counter and she whimpers as he tells her he is going to finish soon.  As Sara looks down she realizes that she was spilling the coffee and it was just a dream.  A sexy as hell dream but unfortunately just a dream… **Funny but I know just how she feels right now**  Michael leaves with a group of his peers leaving her behind despite being questioned if that is what he really wanted to do.  When even Angie, who has yet to choose her memory, realizes that Sara is in love with Michael she resigns herself to never being enough or his type anyway and when neither she nor Michael have a memory to hold on to maybe her fantasy will be all she ever has.
Alice (Victoria), the girl who was waiting with her and Joe (Rocco), her husband, meet up with Angie and give her a nudge in the right direction for choosing her memory but as they have decided to make a new memory together they leave her to work it out on her own.  Making their memory they come together in a heated embrace in the white room on the white bed while wearing the white clothing (I am sensing a theme here LOL) but their love making is anything but plain.  Their passionate encounter was red hot as they make a new memory indeed!

When Angie remembers something from her past she finally decides on her memory.  Rushing in to talk to Michael she wants to hold on to something special from her relationship with Jake (Chris) and he is surprised to hear that it wasn’t a big memory but it was just a little thing that he did that told her that he loved her.   Not only answering her own questions but also revealing the truth of what Sara means to Michael himself.   Waking in her own bed, Angie is surprised to see Jake walk into the room.  Immediately igniting the room with their passionate embraces.  Jakes white button down shirt is the first casualty to their delicious stripping of each other’s clothing while kissing and nibbling their way down to skin to skin contact.  Voicing their love for each other over and over while they find pleasure in simply being alive and in love the two close out what is one of my favorite movie indulgences.

I know I got a little wordy with Xanders’ scene with Allie but dayum they make a pretty couple and no matter how many times I see them together their connection jumps from the screen.   And, oh my, but those powerful legs get my blood temp rising every time I see him using them to piston away.  And I cannot leave without saying that facial hair, all trimmed and perfect….Let’s just say it’s a wonder with all these things combined I still have a tongue that hasn’t been bitten completely off yet.  As always I enjoyed Rocco’s scene as well but I would have to say that Chris Johnson and Kiara Diane had sparks that finished the movie off in more than an entertaining visual!  I was more than entertained by the movie as a whole but the chemistry on the screen by all of the couples but especially Xander and Allie and Kiara and Chris rocked my world and gave me my own slice of heaven here on earth.
CastKiara Diane as AngieAllie Haze as SaraChris Johnson as JakeXander Corvus as MichaelVictoria White as AliceRocco Reed as JoeBrooke Lee Adams as CarineDanny Mountain as David
Cameos  Sarah JacksonCharlie AnnMelissa JacobsBruce VentureAubrey AddamsJessie AndrewsAlan StaffordErik EverhardSeth GambleDavid ArnoldChad AlvaAnthony RosanoDirected by Eddie PowellWritten by K.
A New Sensations Production
ScenesOne     Brooke Lee Adams and Danny MountainTwo     Xander Corvus and Allie HazeThree   Victoria White and Rocco ReedFour     Kiara Diane and Chris Johnson
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**Photos property of New Sensations and The Romance Series.

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