July 29, 2013

Mother X's Bedtime Story

I feel his presence behind me even though he has not made a sound. Are we speaking after the fight? I don’t know nor do I turn around. 

Now I can feel him move towards me, his hard cock pressing between my ass cheeks. I lean my head back on his shoulder and he kisses my neck, then softly bites and sucks where the kiss landed. I grind my ass back against his hard cock and we both moan. 

He reaches around my front to fondle my breasts. He pinches my nipples and I suck in a breath. His raspy voice whispers just what he is planning on doing to me, and I feel myself getting very wet. Oh my, I think our fight is forgotten and I realize how much I have missed him the last four days. 

Foreplay seems to go out the window as I turn around and we start ripping each other’s clothing off. We fall to the bed and he enters me. His green eyes are staring into mine as he pounds hard into me. My mind drifts off to another place as the pleasure overtakes me. I reach for him to come down to me as I want to feel his body on mine, feel him press me into the mattress as his cock pistons in and out of my pussy. 

I can feel the orgasm building in me and it is not long before I tell him I am coming. He says the same and we are transported to that place where only two lovers can go. Afterwards, I am loathe to part with him so he stays inside me as we whisper to each other. Soon I feel him getting hard again……

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