January 1, 2013

Welcome to the World of Xander Corvus

If you have watched porn in the last few years and haven’t seen a lot of Xander I don’t know what rock you have been hiding under.  Either that or you are under the misconception that James Deen (not saying anything bad… love the guy…funny and has the most adorable harem of kitties including his very beautiful girlfriend Stoya) is the only good looking boy next door male in the adult entertainment industry.  OK, I am stopping here to say that the boy next door look might have been slightly skewed when Xander shaved his lovely curls off, but still a part of my own BND fantasy. But seriously there are a butt load of sexy, smart and sometimes smart-assed male talents out there.  Kris Slater, Richie Calhoun, Ryan Driller, Johnny Castle, Michael Vegas and Brendon Miller just to name a few, and they all have their loyal fan bases.  Do I particularly run out to buy or watch all of them…. Maybe not, but I do enjoy interacting with all female fans of the industry.  I need to say this though…. Despite all the other temptations out there I only have one preference and one indulgence and as per my preference…. Xander Corvus is THE NUMBER ONE!  Why do I love him soooooo much?  Wow.  To nail it down to a top five would be very hard, but for the sake of this post I will try.
#1 OK I have to say how sexy he is.  His smile.  His voice.  His eyes.  His ass. His curls….when he deems us worthy of seeing them again, but that’s me bringing it up again and another story.  Damnit I could go on and on and on.  Not the bulky He-Man type, but a lean, skaterboy bod that at times is tan, can show days that his consumption of PBR the night before might be apparent, and has tiny scars that send our imaginations into a tailspin.  Clean of any visible tattoos (which again could be put up for discussion, but some production companies want them free of that kind of adornments) except for his inner lip tat which compliments his snake bite piercing in his lips.  One word comes to mind when Xander talks to you and looks you in the eyes.  I have been a lucky girl.  I talked to him on a local LA talk show of the ever amazing and talented James Bartholet twice, and both times when he realized who I was he was kind, talkative, and ::sigh::… he sent me kisses over the air, called me pet names and ….. ::dies:: …. Said he loved me.  Hold on…. I need a moment.  Thank the gods that I have it saved on my computer so I can replay it over and over and over and…. Yeah I know you get the picture.  #Swoon
#2  He’s a talented actor.  Yes. I said it. And if you take the time to watch his work, especially his feature films, you will see this.  Who couldn’t love the adorable David in Lost and Found or his love-lorn portrayal of Ryan in She’s the One?  Then there is his ability to play both vampire and angel in Immortal Love and Almost Heaven! Ok… Taking a time out here.  Oh yeah, I have to add that this man is the most amazing parody actor in the biz.  Spiderman, American Dad, Big Brother, Star Trek and Men in Black to name a few.  Finally I would kick myself if I didn’t add in his portrayal of Rumplestiltskin in The Craving II, simply amazing!!!  He puts everything into every character whether it is just a 25 minute scene or a full blown feature!  Whether playing the nerdy boy seduced by his best friend's mom and giving that “who me” innocent look,  to the dark and dangerous bad boy holding the taser and tightening the ropes he has you bound in.  The man can play anything!!!! Anything!!! And if he ever feels like going back to mainstream I am sure a lifetime of box office smashes are awaiting him.
#3  He can sing like an angel as well as a demon!  I am sensing a theme here.  Yes, the man can belt out an acoustic melody that makes panties melt, or blast out the most demonic metal that sends fans into a frenzy both male and female.  Right now he is in two bands…. Well, two that we know of. (There is rumor of a cover band but that might be just a fantasy of his.)  Circle of Violence is heavy, dark and it slays.  Oh, and I am going to add that he wrote the lyrics to their EP. Yeah he is so full of talent it oooozes out of him.  His other current band is Amongst Wolves, which he tells us is working on a release coming soon and is like a dark Johnny Cash kinda vibe.  We are all waiting with baiting breath…. And speaking for myself I am not into breath play so if he could get it in gear and record I would be very thankful.
#4 His performances send his fans into a whirlwind of frenzy every scene he does.  Xander loves women.  He loves them big, he loves them small, and yes… that includes bewbs too.  Xander loves his bewbs.   But that aside his performances are not just a mail it in type of event.  He engages, he pulls the viewers in, he makes love to them.  With every look, every lick, every bite (oh damn that is another trigger)…………………. Maybe I hinted at this at number two…. Hell number four is just a tag on to number two, but it demands more attention.  Maybe I should be honest with myself here.  Number four in reality should be dedicated to his skill as a lover.  His number one, the bite is orgasmic just to watch, and his favored position demands that he has thighs of steel.   Damn, is it getting hot in here? Be back in a minute or ten….or thirty….
Ok I am back…Thanks I needed that. Anyway.  Where was I?  Oh yeah every bite, every kiss, every groan, every slap (damn this is getting to be a hard article to get through) ignite his fans like no other!
#5 Number five could easily be number one…. In fact any of the above could be interchangeable.  In any case my final reason is his personality and connection to his fans.  He doesn’t just interact with his friends online he opens himself up to his fans from all over the world.  I will admit they are random and sometimes it’s only to say “Fuck Yeah” to a geeky photo someone has tagged him in (somedays we blame it on the ADD), but he is there.  There might not be a little blue bird beside his name but I know for a fact that @Xcorvus777 is the man himself.  How do I know?  Well for one thing our boy, like all boys, loves toys and presents and my present to him dangles around his neck every day!  Yes!  Am I stoked and “Fuck Yeah” am I going to cry when it inevitably gets replaced by a new shiny (and sent to Valhalla), of course, but I have to hold on to the connection he has given me by wearing it and as a fan that is the highest compliment I have ever gotten for my work.  In any case he puts himself out there.  He says hey, he follows some, he favorites others and I know for a fact he loves his fans!
OK I have to polish this up.  Things to do… Xander scenes to watch.  Be sure to leave a comment and add to this list as I know there are a lot of things I have left out.  I mean its Xander!  There are a billion reasons to love him and yes he has snagged my heart but I already have rambled on for long enough.  Now I am not blind to his little failings.  He is a 24 year old male.  It’s in the DNA and in the industry he is in there are going to be things to distract that many will not agree with but Xander is Xander and if he changed it would be one less thing to love about him. 

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