January 1, 2013

'Untitled' by Mistress S

The first time I listened to the Circle of Violence EP I found myself in a dark place and it compelled me to write a poem.  Something I haven’t done since high school after a particularly bad break up. Anyway it brought it out of me and I want to share it here with you! Whether it was the dark and loud music in itself or Xanders’ lyrics that wrung this out I do not know but whatever it was here it is…..

Bordeaux rich and dark drips down
Attempts to hinder the ebb from the open wound
Futile as my life is not my own
With my heart in pieces on the ground
I look into the eyes of the one who felled the blow
And see the confusion reflected back
As he covers my hand to help stem the flow
I feel his love envelope me as my world turns to black

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