January 1, 2013

Untitled by @ApacheWarrior aka George

@ApacheWarrior (aka George) is an AVN voter and film reviewer. He shared this little slice of creativity with us on Twitter.

I have liked @XCorvus777,
since the romantic Almost Heaven,
his office fling and flirty gaze,
with the adorable @AllieHaze.

Next, in Love is a Dangerous Game,
he makes love to Alyssa his flame,
thinking it's their last moments to live,
both of them continue to give give.

The Friend Zone makes it three in a row,
to be a part of New Sensations' glow,
he plays a guy who has makeup sex,
with @DanaDearmond his cheating ex.

It's a bummer that I had a fling,
or else I would had seen With This Ring,
my date was blonde and totally hot,
she passed out on account of the pot.

I'm back in the game for Dear Abby,
with @AshHollywood oh oh baby,
she and Xander do a good job,
as she rekindles with her blow job. 

The next film is too long for this song,
nine syllables is key or it's wrong,
Xander Corvus and Dana two-peat,
like the time in The Friend Zone that cheat.

My favorite film that's not a goz,
happens to have a bulldog named Boz,
the acting and sex are all-around,
all people should check out Lost and Found.

Xander's best performance I believe,
could be in The Temptation of Eve,
Beauty @JackyStJames is so bright,
Now, let's see if all the hype is right.

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