January 1, 2013

RB Limericks by Colleen Cole

Yeah, I'm a BITCH - that's an acronym for Being In Total Control of Herself. I also have a talent for silly.

RB Limerick #1

There was a small prick name of Black,
Who chose to go on the attack.
He was not sincere.
He just wanted to hear
That he could suck Corvus's sack!

RB Limerick #2
Black managed some wrestlers pro.
Ran for mayor of L.A.., but no go.
Since no talents he's got
The dumb little twat
Now spouts shit on a radio show.

RB Limerick #3
Rob Black's really crossing the line,
His usual crap is just fine.
But, mess more with our boy,
and I'll make him my toy,
then the last rant he'll hear will be mine.

By Colleen Cole aka @ColleensDragon

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