March 21, 2014

#FangurlFriday always has a taste or two of @xcorvus777

The always loved and adored Xander Corvus is the reason I am here and
the reason I have devoted so much time and effort into supporting male talent!

Seeing peeping tom Xander pulling it out made me laugh and wish he was at my window!

Mia Lelani’s actually pretty accommodating when she finds the stranger at her door!

Who blames her????  Seriously?  Who?

Check this scene out in Assed Out #5 on Peter North DVDs.

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#FangurlFriday #FF @xcorvus777 in a sensual Dance

~Jenna J Ross and Xander in a Delicate Dance at Erotica X~
Fangurl Fridays are not complete without a taste of Xander Corvus!  In his first
Erotica X scene he meets the lovely Jenna in bed after she does an erotic dance then she strips him of his sexy white tee before they intertwine in a magical delight.
Sexy  ~  Sensual  ~  Sizzling
Take a peek with me here……
22204_01_med 92
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February 24, 2014

Our Fave #StudlySunday man @Xcorvus777 in his latest Naughty scene with Miss Dani

So the on going are they aren't they debate that raged for months is more than official and how better to prove it than to do a scene together.... Well you could say do a scene every week but not all of us fans are able to bank Streammate every week no matter how much we want to.... with that said Naughty America was on the ball and got both Xander and Miss Dani together to do a scene out last week.  Although technically Daddy's girlfriend in the scene you can tell that having her "step-son" of sorts living as "roommates" will be to both of their advantages!

December 18, 2013

The 12 Days of Xander - Day 6

The Curse of the Mismatched Snakebites...

Oh, Xander. Xander, Xander, Xander. You need someone to keep track of your jewelry.

It happens routinely, though not as often in recent months it seems. Or perhaps we just aren't getting as many photos nowadays? In any case, this man has a penchant for losing one half of his snakebites. And then showing up with a mismatched pair, much like in this photo he tweeted over the summer:

Sometimes we see one of two snakebites, sometimes they're both missing, and other times they're matched up as they should be. It's always a toss up with this man. And that, my friends and fellow Xealots, is yet another reason I adore him. And his missing snakebites ... well, they are another favorite 2013 moment in my 12 Days of Xander. :)

December 17, 2013

The 12 Days of Xander - Day 5

What would The 12 Days of Xander be without a tribute to one of his 2013 films ...

The Forbidden Fruit

As most Xander fans know, our favorite San Fernando man happens to be a very hard worker. (See what I did there? Hehe.) 2013 was a busy year for our man, as he appeared in many scenes and full feature films. One of those full features just so happens to be my fifth favorite Xander moment of this year: The Temptation of Eve.

This film is, in one word, incredible. It happens to be a favorite of both Mistress S and myself, and contains some of our favorite female talent as well - the amazing Remy LaCroix and Bailey Blue. 

The storyline is perfection, the characters are perfection, and the acting is more than perfection. (You can read Mistress S's review of ToE here and see all the crazy awesome things she has to say about it.)

This was the one film of 2013 that a large portion of Xander fans waited for with baited breath. And the man didn't disappoint. His performance was strong, and it was awesome to get to see the chemistry he had with other performers in the film, especially Bailey and Remy. And, of course, we got yet another glimpse at Xander's mainstream acting skills as we watched him get into character as Brandon, the resident bad boy. 

If you haven't seen this film, you're missing out on something amazing. Be sure to check it out if you have a chance. And be sure to leave Jacky and the film's cast some love on Twitter. ;)